Vanessa Valen

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I am very open to all sexual needs. If you are truley a good sexual lover, play toy, or anything inbetween always just tell me how you like it and we can cum over and over agian. I like the idea of new things so tell me your secrets. Ill show you why they shouldnt be.

I think fetishes are really just another word for what makes me feel good. I love to get ed and if it feels good to you then I will love it to. I am a very well rounded cofident sexual partner. I love to explore every sexual need that you might have. I want to please you and I need to cum. So lets play and throw all the limitations away!

With a masters in sexuality. I Am a girly girl that loves to cum on demand and can be a submissive. However I the Sexual Senusal Mistress that will bring you to your kness, and beg to lick my wet. In the office I am your secatary that will work hard for you but worker harder to please your every sexual desire. I am the affair of your dreams that makes your throb for the deep ing we do when you get away. I am your wifes best friend that s you and time and time again. Then we can her or another playmate to suck your while I ride your face. I love to be the bad teacher that puts you in your place and makes you be a good boy to get a taste. Most of all I am sexual teaser and pleaser. I love and am open to any and all fantasies. I cant wait for them to become my reality with you. I want it hard and I want it from You. Don't spare me. I love to do a greate show , i love to talk with my customors here, i like to play dance and get naked

x. Each day would be a different theme, maybe a different fetish, maybe a different costume, maybe just a different storyline. Anyone that can keep it interesting for hours of passion every day for 30 days has got to be a sexual god! :)

I want to listen to your fantasies. I love hearing new, sexy ideas. I want to learn about everything that makes sex fun and erotic. Come on, tell me your fantasies and teach me something new ) My biggest fantasy would be a game I would call 30 days and nights. Hi there! Looking for a real pro who knows exactly how to treat and pamper You ? Do not look further, You`ve found Your girl

The idea of f*cking in public places makes me extremely crazy! The fear of being noticed excites me the most. The only thing I need is a partner. Any volunteers?

Hey there! I love my breasts the most. People are saying that I`m really beautiful and smart although I have the kinkiest thoughts You can imagine, visit my show and You surely won`t regret it. i will adore taking your requests. Don't be afraid to ask! I am Bi Sexual, I love being with a woman and making her cum. If you would like to know more please just ask-I love to talk about sexy women.

Oh, I have so many fetishes and most involve myself. I spend most of my time alone in my bedroom with the curtains drawn and the door shut, surrounded by mirrors so that I can watch myself play. I love to feel myself up. Is that bad? I have quite the collection of panties and bras, corsets, stockings, heels, etc. and I enjoy watching as I make love to myself, or fuck myself with one of my toys. One of my fetishes is for you to watch, too.Some of my more passionate fetishes include wearing SHORT shorts, bubble baths, lingerie, stripping, panties, shaving myself,and spending time in front of the mirror dressing up and turning myself into a sex goddess that would bring any man or woman to their knees.My kinkier fetishes are playing with my toys, teasing myself with my fingers and vibrators until I just have to have the biggest dildo I own inside me. From here I will list things that I don't necessarily participate in but that are turn on's for me and I would LOVE to talk to you about: Spanking, Slapping, Spit, Penetration, Rimming, Face Fucking, Cumming, CumShots, Hard Fucking, Pretty Pussy, Natural Tits, Licking Pussy, Fingering, Deep Throat, Choking, Doggy Style, Orgasms

I am finally living it.Being a webcam model is actually one of my biggest fantasies. I fantasize about being the object of your desire, pleasing you by doing things that I would never do in my real everyday life. I love the idea of being watched, I fantasize about someone looking through my window as I undress or hidden cameras in my shower :) I fantasize about doing what I'm told, catering to someones every whim and being rewarded for it. Maybe I'm in the right place.I can be a very obedient girl, and a very naughty one, it all depends on you.I am a good girl in real life, but I've always fantasized of a double life, one in which I'm naughty. A naughty, dirty, down for whatever slut. Will you help me achieve that? "I'm between the four horizons: their crossroad" - a smart and positive girl with a vivid imagination. I'm elegant and classy but also kinky and open minded. I'm a pianist and a singer. I like painting and I study psychology. I'm a good listener and a fun

Vanessa Valen

Hi Im Vanessa Valen and I am a true Pageant Princess I attened UNLV where I got a business Degree an my Masters in Sexaulaity! I love leather and lace and oh yes cum on my face. From a very early age I have always wanted to please my lover. I love to suck rock hards and lick little tiny clits. I am a good girl and love to cum on demand. However I love to be bad because it feels oh so good. From the bedroom to the board room I am sexual package ready for you to un wrap. I love teasing and pleasing and cant stop till we cum! I am very flexible so I love to get ed in any postion that you can imagine. So exotic and I love to get pretty! I'll be the best piece of you have ever explored. I cant wait for you to cum and play!

19yr old Crystal pregnant

19yr old Crystal pregnant